7 Global Trends That Will Change The World Between 2020-2030

Overview / Megatrends For 2020-2030.

1.Demographic Changes


Despite declines in fertility rates around the world, there is expected a growth in the number of people. Since 1999, population grew with 0.5 billion every 6 years. The numbers are steady enough to tell us that by 2056 the global population will be 10 billion. In other words, the world’s population increases on average by 1/3 every 35 years, according to the Population Reference Bureau. Read More: Global Changes in Demographics for 2050

2.Shift In Economic Power


Faster growth rates and favorable demographics will be an important development factor in the rapid-growing markets for the next decade or so. The gap between ‘rapid-growth’ and ‘mature’ becomes lower. Emerging markets which are driven by their own nascent middle classes will become a focus point for the global population. Read More: 2 Aspects Of a Shifting Global Economic Power

3. Rapid Urbanization


The number and scale of cities continues to grow around the globe. The United Nations (UN) reports that 54% of the world’s population currently lives in cities, and this will increase to 66% by 2050. Read More: 3 Changes That Come With Rapid Urbanization

4. Climate Change


Climate experts project that by 2100 it will be 13 Celsius degrees warmer than it is today (according to the National Climate Assessment). If global emissions continue on their current path, this small rise will have great consequences for all the people living on this planet. Read More: 4 Things That Will Never Be The Same Due To Climate Change

5. Resource Scarcity


Rapid urbanization, absolute population growth, technological and economic development, and more middle-class consumers – all contribute to the increasing demand for natural resources. If these resources are poorly managed, we can expect environmental degradation and diminished food and water supply. Taking care and restoring the planet is a critical future imperative. The development of new technologies, as well as shifting supply chains, will drive business adaptation and innovation in multiple sectors – as well as impacting the geopolitical balance of economic power. Read More: 5 Responses To Climate Change And Resource Scarcity

6. Sustainability


While urbanization present economic benefits, it also comes with significant resource risks. Rapid urbanization contributes to the global resource depletion, while some effects of the climate change will hit hardest. The rising sea levels around coastal cities and extreme weather events will be the events affecting our future. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that 7 million people died – one in eight of the total global deaths – as a result of air pollution exposure in 2012, out of which a large number were living in cities. Read More: 8 Reasons Why Sustainability Is A Modern Necessity

7. Digital Future


Look around and you’ll inevitably bump into social, mobile, big data, cloud and demanding access to information anytime and anywhere. Technology is disrupting all business enterprises from all industries in every part of the world. Enterprises can seize the opportunity of connected devices through Internet of Things to capture information, enter new markets, innovate existing products and introduce new business and delivery models. Read More: 7 Predominant Aspects In The Digital World Of 2020

8. Health Reimagined


Health care is on its way to a transformation that never happened before. New technologies will allow real-time data creation and insightful analysis. Such technologies are driven by big data and mobile health. As in other industries, the healthcare system will have companies joining this field that traditionally wouldn’t. These trends will contribute to a shifting approach from the fundamental way of treating sickness to managing health, by diverse sets of players, focused on prevention, real-time care and healthy behaviors. Read More: 7 Future Trends In Healthcare for 2020


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