4 Things That Will Never Be The Same Due To Climate Change

Megatrend / Climate Change.

Climate experts project that by 2100 it will be 13 Celsius degrees warmer than it is today (according to the National Climate Assessment). If global emissions continue on their current path, this small rise will have great consequences for all the people living on this planet.

Causes Of Climate Change / Global Warming

1. Human Influences

The number one cause of global warming are human influences. When burning fuels we increase the carbon pollution and by cutting down forests we prevent the planet to do its job in ‘purifying’ the toxic gases.

2. Polluting Agents

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most dangerous and most common polluting agent. Its effect on the planet is linked to making the environment warmer, as it traps the sun’s heat. This phenomena is called ‘the greenhouse effect’ and causes damages on multiple levels. Source: nrdc.org – Global warming 101

Consequences Of Climate Change / Global Warming

1. Higher temperatures

Higher temperatures transform into many types of disasters, including heat waves, droughts, floods and storms. The influence of a warmer climate is that it makes wet areas wetter and dry areas drier. Hot temperatures ruin agriculture crops and increases the air pollution made by cars and factories, being the main reason of smog which puts the life of people in danger.

2. Weather disasters

At the opposite side, heavier rains cause streams, rivers and lakes to overflow. This contaminates drinking water and damages properties and land. All of these changes caused only in the U.S. 10 weather and climate disaster which resulted in $1 billion losses only in 2015.

3. Pollution and deforestation

Moreover, due to climate change, pollution and deforestation, it has been found in a 2015 study that vertebrate species – animals with backbones, like fish, birds, animals, amphibians, and reptiles – are due to extinction 114 times faster than they should be.

4. Rising ocean levels

Last but not least, the climate it the Arctic is rising twice faster than it does in any other part of the world, causing the world’s ice sheets to melt fast. This effect threatens coastal systems and low-altitude areas to be flooded, putting in danger the life of millions of people. Source: nrdc.com – Are the effects of global warming really bad?


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