GlobalTrendSpotter was started to offer its readers a bigger view on what is happening in the world in order to be able to create their own vision and then spot business opportunities. We start by analysing mega trends that will shape our future but not looking further than 2050, as it becomes almost impossible to predict what will be happening. After that, a large part will be dedicated to understanding the macro trends, from where they have appeared to what their potential is. And finally, for each macro trend we will present the latest micro trends and give reasons why they are different from fads and why we should pay attention to them.

The blog owner and writer studied Business Innovation as part of a 4-year Creative Business bachelor in Amsterdam. There he worked with real clients to help innovate their business in different ways. He has his own start-up in retail and works in the ecommerce payments industry, looking at opportunities of mobile payments. Interested in sustainability, circular economy, marketing, analysing trends and future technologies.

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