Aspects of the modern world – What everyone is looking for


There are certain things around us that when are put together form a picture of some key characteristics of modern society. More products are created to solve the “customer’s need” and advertisements become targeted to very specific groups. There is a huge amount of information that people share of themselves and which companies have access to. The good part is that we, as consumers, are understood and satisfied with adequate products and services. The bad part is that we don’t know how else this information is used. What I am trying to say is that everything created until now was made with the purpose of satisfying a need (or more) and  that was known because we as people expressed it and the market responded. That is why I am going to present you what I think they are the most defining three aspects of our current civilization.


How can someone come up with a good enough idea to build a product or service that does exactly what people expect to do? The answer stays in paying attention to your target group’s lifestyle. Can you see a predominant behavior? Can you guess what are the difficulties they bump in everyday? Or what makes them happy? What they value the most? For some happiness comes when they get respect from others, or when they get the sense of achievement in their professional life. On the other hand, for others friendship and family take the top place. But what do all of this things have in common? What makes all of them possible? The answer is maybe simple – it’s time. Time is what it takes to develop these areas. Without dedication (which is measured in time), none of the above could be possible. That’s why we use ‘tools’ that enables us to be more efficient (do more with less energy) so we could get where we want faster and easier. As a result, the apparition of so many apps that make shopping online easier, mobile wallets for seamless payments, fingerprint ID for effortless unlocking of your phone and so on. Convenience at its best.

The modern currency.

What do you think it’s the problem of most people working in developing countries? Money for sure isn’t one, as jobs are pretty well paid. You know, people want in life what they can’t have. And that makes it the most valuable. In this case that’s time. With time you can buy money but you’ll need a much bigger wallet to buy yourself free time. And what makes people happier than having free time and money to do whatever they want? The reason why technology is beloved by many of us is because it simplifies things. We can do more in less time. Our generation is obsessed by time if I could say. We want one-day delivery, if not even one-hour delivery.

That’s why we are willing to pay  more to ‘save’ some time. Take the example of delivery services. Years ago it was normal to receive a package in a week, but today people get annoyed if they don’t receive it in the same day. And businesses have to adapt to this trend if they want to keep customer loyalty.  The reason for all of these new practices is that we can have a better quality of life. We use technology to get things done faster so that we can have more time to spend on what we like (or at least this is the impression it gives us).

The sweet spot.

How would the ideal world look like for you? Would it be the place where you can get from one point to another in a blink of an eye? Or one where objects can turn in tiny objects so you’ll be able to fit all you need for a weeks travel in your pocket? Why not the both of them? That’s what trend setters are asking themselves as well. For all research papers there is a main questions that has to be answered. If the research would be on a global level, then the ultimate question of this century is “How can we do things with less effort and ready in a second or less?” Products need to be small, fast and powerful and the combination between comfort and efficient usage of time will be what sets the standard.


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