The Enablers Of Change And Why Collaboration Is Important

What are the enablers of change?

The key factors that contributed to the world we live in today are technology and collaboration. Technology offers us the means to get where we want, while collaboration allows us to get there faster. Of course there are other influencing factors, but I only chose these two and I will tell you why.

How is technology enabling change?

Technology is not the answer, as many might think. Technology is only the ‘tool’ we are using in the process. Creating technology without a scope is useless. That is why we see so many tech start-ups fail. They build cool stuff that nobody needs. Such inventions are nice to have, but they will mostly remain at the level of fads, being replaced over time with something which can be even cooler and even less significant.

The opportunities that technology can bring us are numerous, from advanced robotics, connected things, automatization, artificial intelligence and many others less known which we might come about. But before we think that we have discovered the new “big thing”, we musk ask ourselves three questions: Why does it matter? What problem does it solve? Who can benefit from it? Having sound answers to these will assure us that we are on the right track and not focusing our attention on fads.

How is collaboration enabling change?

Collaboration is the other aspect that got us here. If we think of the evolution of the human species, we came from tribes where collaboration was essential to be able to hunt and take care of each other. The same it is today, only that tribes transformed into communities. Communities driven by people that are motivated by a common vision and which can help each other at reaching their goals.

Communities will continue to grow and become more diverse. The degree we are going to facilitate the collaboration between “tribes” will dictate the speed of our evolution and progress towards more sustainable and innovative approaches. Digitalisation has increased the extent to which people can communicate and find each other easily. Making use of the online tools to attract and talk to each other solves human’s basic needs of connection, that’s why social media has sky-rocket so much.

To sum it up, if you want change to happen in your community or business, make sure that everyone shares the same vision and that you use the right technology to become more efficient. After all, that is what everything is about – doing more things in less time with the right people.


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