What Drives Innovation And Why Is Important To Understand That

What are the drivers of change?

The world is changing faster and it becomes more difficult to predict what the future will look like (as if before it wasn’t difficult enough).  What do you see if you look 10 years back? How different is it from now and from what was 20 years ago? Maybe this article can help you understand from pictures how big the difference is.

What is interesting to look at are the enablers that allowed this change to happen. The predominant mega trends that dominated for decades are urbanization, advances in technology and the Internet. All of them are driven by the common ambition of people to grow and strive for a better way of living.

More than half of the world’s population lives in cities and by 2050 the number will get at 75% as it is said in this article. But this growth doesn’t bring only opportunity for the workforce, but comes along with issues such as pollution, over-saturation of the market and making it impossible for people in rural areas to develop more than a certain stage.

Due to the apparition of these negative aspects of development, counterbalancing trends have appeared, and this is always the case with trends – it always appears as a response to something that already exists. For example, we are now seeing smart connected cities or green cities that are practicing urban farming

Read more about the key factors that enabled change in the next article.

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