How To Start Spotting Trends And Get The Most Out Of It

Why pay attention to trends?

Why should we pay attention to trends and try to understand where they are emerging from? Being able to predict what the future will look like gives businesses the advantage to know what they need to change and have enough time to prepare for it. Simply put, it’s easier to “be ahead of the puck” than it is to chase it.

What are the opportunities of spotting trends?

Spotting trends in a certain industry or market will help you notice what the unmet needs will be, therefore allowing you take action on it. Whether it is that you have your won business, work in a product management team or just want to get inspired, keeping an eye on trends will reveal different kind of opportunities.

Where do I start when analysing trends?

If you wonder where to can start from, my advice would be to subscribe to newsletters of websites such as SpringWire and TrendWatching to get to know more about the latest innovations. Regarding to understanding trends, TrendOne offers a good overview of what is happening on a global level. This should be a good starting point to observe and get used with the latest innovations. But for a better understanding of what trends really are, how to classify them and what are the drivers for change behind each of them, I would recommend sticking with this blog as we’ll go through every aspect of it.

What is the topic that this blog will be covering?

We will discuss about mega, macro and micro trends, firstly from a global perspective and slowly advancing to more specific industries and niche developments. There will be something new everyday, presented in short 2-minute readings that can be done in any moment of your day.

Find our more on what have been the drivers of change that got us where we are today in the next article.


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